Как настроить рэгдолл мод в гаррис моде

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Ragdoll Resizer

A tool that can change the size of ragdolls.

  • Can resize a whole ragdoll evenly, or set the size of individual moving parts (physics objects). You can even set separate scales for the X, Y, and Z axis — you can make parts taller, wider, longer, flatter, or whatever you want.

These aren’t the unmovable ‘resized ragdolls’ from the old addon — these are real, posable ragdolls with working physics that you can do whatever you want with. Pose them with the physgun, weld things to them, use them in scene builds, fling them around, even use them with animation tools like Stop Motion Helper or Henry’s Animation Tool.

To use the tool, just right click a ragdoll to select it. This will add a bunch of controls to the context menu (hold C) that you can use to resize the ragdoll, and it’ll also show a preview model over the ragdoll so you can see your changes. Once you have the size set the way you want, left click to finish and apply the changes to the ragdoll.

  • Resized ragdolls are 100% dupe and save compatible.
    • I want to resize some props to go along with my resized ragdolls, how can I do that?
      Try out the Prop Resizer/Collision Resizer addon here.

  • I’m a Lua coder. How does this work, is a resized ragdoll a SENT? I thought you couldn’t even have SENTs with multiple physics objects like this.
    Well, you can’t. Basically, I cheated. It actually uses a separate entity for each of the physics objects, which are all constrained together, while the parent entity with the actual visible model uses BuildBonePositions to follow their movements. They also use a bunch of function overrides to trick the rest of the game into thinking they’re just one entity with a lot of physics objects, so that everything in Lua, even the duplicator, treats them just like they would a normal ragdoll.
    • Since Source doesn’t like physics objects that are really big or really small (too big and they won’t move properly, too small and the game won’t even create them), I’ve had to set a size limit of 0.2x to 50x. You can still go past the limit in singleplayer by typing in a number instead of using the slider, but it’s not recommended and things will break. If you want resized ragdolls with sizes past the limit, or just want to pose with normal-sized ragdolls, you can still use the old non-physics ragdoll resizer tool.

  • Like all resized models in GMod, ragdolls’ eyes don’t scale up or down when resized, and Garry’s Mod doesn’t have anything at all that I can use to set the eye size of just one model. To let you try and get around this, there’s a slider in the controls that changes the size of every model’s eyes, which is the closest thing we’ve got.
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    Позинг рэгдолла

    Привет,это мой туториал по позингу в Garry’s Mod, Имеено по реггдолам.

    Для начала выберем рэгдолл,это будет female_02.

    Она лежит. Нужно поднять её за грудь. Сначала поднимаем что-бы она сидела,потом тяни её вверх,что-бы она коснулась земли ногами,а не весела в вохдухе.

    Дальше делаем глазки её))),открытыми.

    Это сделать можно c помощью — Face Poser,или Позер лица. Face Poser — это инструмент который помогает изменять лицу,делать гримасу. Добавлять мимику.


    Просто кликаем на неё. Она откроет глаза. По идее как хотите можно менять и лицо.
    Я вот сделал так:

    Я сделал лицо испуганное,теперь надо сделать того кого она испугалась. Для урока возьмём metropolice.

    Делаем всё тоже самое (что-бы он встал). Дальше делаем сцену например как он держит пистолет.

    Я сделал позу такую:

    Дальше делаем,позинг пальцев. Это дело простое,но если камера стоит в положении где пальцы видны,там надо. Где пальцев не видно,или вы далеко от них можно не делать. Дальность прорисовки Source не такая-уж и крутая.

    Дальше мы ставим камеру,ну где вам нужно. Я выбрал так:

    Далее нужно сделать ракурс,без него работы будут не красивые.

    Далее нужно добавить фон,просто добавим стены и пол.

    Дальше если хотите настройте тени.

    Cvar’ы для настройки теней

    Дальше можно добавить улучшение в Пост Обработка. Но у меня баг при размытии заднего фона. Тени исчезают.
    Это можно сделать в фотошопе.

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    Вот что получилось после обработки в Garry’s Mod:

    Не когда не позируйте в gm_construct и gm_flatgrass т.к они нужны для теста машин и стройки. Если только делать сценбилд (то лучше на гм_фтаеграссе)


    Как настроить рэгдолл мод в гаррис моде

    Before we get started, you NEED Basic Experience in Blender.
    You also need these items to get everything to work.

    -=Code Editors=-
    Note: Either one of these work, I prefer to use Sublime Text though. (I’ll be using it in this Guide.)

    I’ll be using this Ragdoll.
    We’ll be using this guy for our Valve Skeleton.

    There’s many ways to make Playermodels, but I know three ways; Turning a Ragdoll into a Playermodel, Taking a (Non-Source) Base Model into a Playermodel, and Taking a Custom Model and making it into a Playermodel.

    In this Guide, I’ll be showing you how to turn a Ragdoll into a Playermodel (For the sake of any beginners, and it saving a lot of time.)

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    First, we’re going to create a folder on our Desktop, call it whatever you’d like. (Make sure there are no spaces, if you want a «space» use the «_» underscore!) For this tutorial, it’s going to be «Tutorial_PM»

    Then, make three folders. (lua, materials, and models)

    Next, make another folder, on your Desktop. (You can just name it the Ragdoll you’re making into a Playermodel.)
    Open GMPU; It’ll probably look like this:
    That’s okay! It’s just GMPU needing Garry’s Mod’s bin directory.
    All you have to do is get the directory (Default would be; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin), and type (or Copy/Paste.) them into both, «GMAD.exe», and «GMPublish,» then hit «OK.»

    Make a folder on your Desktop, called «Ragdoll_Decompiled», this is where we’ll be having the extracted GMA put all of it’s files in.
    (It doesn’t have to be «Ragdoll_Decompiled», but for the sake of this tutorial, I named it that.)

    Now we need to go to the «Extract» tab with GMPU. It’s a simple click.
    At the bottom, it says, «Extract», and under that is, «File:», click on the button «File», and the go to your Garry’s Mod addons folder.
    (Default directory; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons)

    Now, you need to find the Ragdoll you’re Extracting; For this tutorial, it’d be, «nypd_ragdolls» as a GMA file.
    Once you’ve selected that, it should appear in the box. After you’re done, check the «Out» box. Now we can click, «Folder», and tell the computer where to extract our GMA. Click «Add to Queue», then «Execute.»

    After you Execute, you should have the Log fill up with a bunch of stuff, and your, «Ragdoll_Decompiled» folder should have folders in it.
    Make another folder on your Desktop, name it, «Skeleton.» Now, you do the same process over, for the Star Wolf Playermodel (He’s our Valve Skeleton, so it’s compatible with the model.)

    So now you should have two folders, filled with stuff. Open the «Ragdoll_Decompiled», and open the «models» folder, follow the root all the way to «humans/nypd/.» Today, we’re just going to do «male_01.» Open Crowbar, and go to the «Decompile» Tab. You should see this.

    Click on «Browse», and find the «Ragdoll_Decompiled» folder, go all the way down in the «models» folder, till you find «male_01.mdl», then «Open» him. Now go to the «Subfolder (of MDL file or folder.)» (It’s right below our main line where we got «male_01.mdl», and name it, «Male01_Decompiled», it’s important. (Do NOT add spaces, ONLY add «_» underscores, if you want to «space.»)

    Now hit «Decompile.» If you got an error, you probably did something wrong; Re-do the tutorial, or Copy and Paste your Log and put it in the Comments. (Help each other out, or I’ll reply to it.)

    If you open the «Male01_Decompiled» folder, you’ll see a lot of stuff. Most importantly, you’ll see the SMD files. You ONLY need to worry about the «male_01_reference.smd» for now.

    Do all of the above for the «Skeleton.» (Make sure you Decompile it into a custom Skeleton folder, and not the «Ragdoll_Decompiled» one.)

    Alright, we’re ready to enter Blender; Delete everything in the Scene.

    Now, we’ve got to install the Source Addon, go to «File», then «User Preferences», then click on the «Add-ons» Tab. Click on «Install from File», and direct to your «Downloads» folder, and it should be there. (I forgot to mention; Make sure it’s un-zipped, if you can’t do that, get a program like WinRar, or 7-Zip.) Now, we’ve got to check the «Import-Export: Blender Source Tools.»

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    Now, we’ve got to import our Mesh; To do so, «File > Import > Source Engine», then go to our folder, «Ragdoll_Decompiled», and go down until you find, «Male01_Decompiled.» We have to open, «male_01_reference.smd.» We now have our Mesh in Blender. We have to remove his bone-set, as it won’t be compatible with Garry’s Mod.

    Once you’ve deleted those bones, we have to import our Skeleton.
    «File > Import > Source Engine», and find your Skeleton_Decompiled, and import, «starwolf_reference_reference.smd.» Delete the Star Wolf Mesh.

    If you’ve done everything correctly; You’ll have this;

    Now we’ve got to allign all of the bones to the mesh, and this is an important step; If you mess it up, nothing will work. Don’t delete any bones, or else you’ll have to remove the code in the QC File! (I won’t be showing you how to do that in this Tutorial, but I’ll show basic QC, as you need to do that for our playermodel to work.)

    Once you’re done rigging; It should look like this (I ended up deleting my fingers, because they take too long, but I’d recommend you keep your fingers for an actual playermodel; They’re important.):

    Yours may not be in Wireframe, but I personally like to work in Wireframe mode.
    Now we have to go to Object Mode, Select the Mesh, and Shift Right-Click the Skeleton.
    Hit «CTRL + P» and «with Automatic Weights.»
    Congratulations, you’ve successfully rigged; Now you’ve got to Weight Paint. (I won’t be explaining it, it’s way to long to explain; It’s very important though.) WEIGHT PAINTING IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT; IF NOT DONE, AN ARM WILL MOVE IT’S HEAD.

    Now, we have to Export it; Go to the tab with the cylinder, scroll down; You’ll find «Export», set it to «SMD», and set your Export Path, then Export! (Do it in the Documents folder.)
    It’ll look like this;

    Open your, «Tutorial_PM» folder (The one with, «lua», «materials», and «models»), open the «materials» folder, make a new folder called, «models», then your username, for me it’s; «panda» (Don’t add any capitals to the folders.), then add a folder inside, «panda», and name it, «male01», then your textures folder is setup.

    Now, find the «Ragdoll_Decompiled» folder, open, «materials/models/humans/nypd/» and you should see all the .vtf and .vmt files. Take them all and move it to our, «male01» folder we made.
    Now, delete all the .vmt files. If you’re using the example model, you should have four .vtf files left, open one of them, click; «Tools», «Create VMT File», then click on «Options» in the pop-up, set, «Shader:» from «LightmappedGeneric», to, «VertexlitGeneric», then hit «Create», make sure you find the «Tutorial_PM», «materials/models/username/male01», where our .vtf files are at, and create them in there. DO NOT CHANGE THE .vmt FILE NAME(S), OR ELSE IT’LL BREAK THE TEXTURES.

    If you’ve done everything correctly; You should have this:

    Congratulations; You now have textures for your Playermodel.

    The QC File is all the back-end code for your playermodel(s). If ANYTHING is done incorrectly, or misspelt, NOTHING will work.

    Open your «Skeleton» folder, and get to the, «Skeleton_Decompiled» folder. (models/player/qgon3/starwolf/Skeleton_Decompiled/) Delete the «starwolf_reference_reference.smd» file, and put in our, «male_01_reference.smd» file. (We exported it to our Documents folder.) Now, rename the, «starwolf_reference_physics.smd» to, «male01_reference_physics.smd», rename the QC file to, «male01_reference.qc», and finally, our animations folder; Rename that to, «male01_reference_anims», Basically rename everything to «male01» instead of «starwolf.»

    Make it look like this:

    Now, let’s open our «.qc» file; Right-Click it, and «Open with..», and find «Sublime Text», or, «Notepad++», which ever you downloaded. (Again, I’m using Sublime Text for this tutorial, but they both work.)

    You’re going to see;

    Change our «ModelName» to «male01_pm.mdl»
    Change our «BodyGroup» to «male01»
    Change our «Studio» to «male_01_reference.smd» (If you spell this wrong, nothing will work.)
    Now, time to tell the computer where our textures are, instead of «models\brawl\wolf\», change it to, «models/panda/male01/» (Or whatever your name is; Let’s say it’s username123; It’d be «models/username123/male01/», or whatever.)

    Now, we’ve got to edit the animations, and physics. If you scroll down a little, you’ll see

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    Change the «Sequence «ragdoll» where it says, «starwolf_reference_anims\ragdoll.smd» to, «male01_reference_anims/ragdoll.smd» (Again, if this isn’t spelt correctly, nothing will work.)

    Change the, «CollisionJoints «starwolf_reference_physics.smd» to, «male01_reference_physics.smd» (Once Again, if this isn’t spelt correctly, nothing will work.)

    Now, you’re going to see

    in the middle of all of that code above; If your playermodel is a female; Keep it «f_anm.mdl», if not, change it to, «m_anm.mdl», and you’re set.

    Now, we’d be removing bones and such; If you removed bones from the rig, but I only removed the fingers; I already removed those from the QC, so if you don’t delete anything, you should be set for QC, and if you deleted bones; You have to remove the code of those bones in the QC. (I won’t be explaining that in this tutorial, so I said above; «I don’t advise deleting bones.»)

    I would also be showing you how to setup, «c_arms», which are the Custom Arms that the player sees when he/she holds a weapon, but I won’t do that in this tutorial. (Such as the Gravity Gun; You’d see the playermodel’s arms, instead of Garry’s Mod default one(s).)

    Alright, now we’ve got to Compile our QC so we have our .mdl to put in our «models» folder.

    Make sure your Crowbar is set to (De)Compile in «Garry’s Mod», and make sure you have Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer on the same Drive. (If GMod is on your C:\ drive, so does Source SDK 2013: MP.) You also need Half-Life: 2.

    Open Crowbar, go to the «Compile» tab; You’ll see «QC file or folder.», click «Browse», go to your «Skeleton_Decompiled» folder, where your QC rests, and select that. For the «Subfolder», name it, «male01_compiled.» Like so:

    Then hit, «Compile.» Make sure you scroll up and check for errors; If you got any, post it in the Comments, and help each other out. (I’ll reply to some too.)

    Now that we have our «male01_compiled» folder, if you go inside; There’s about six items, one of them including a .mdl file; Open our «Tutorial_PM», and go to «models», make a folder, «player», then your username; Mine’s «panda», so make, «panda» (Again, no capitals.), then make another subfolder, «male01», so in the end; It’s, «models/player/panda/male01», simple. Now, drag all the files from the «male01_compiled» folder, and put them in the, «male01» folder, that’s a subfolder of the, «models/player/panda/male01», then that’s done.

    Now that everything’s out of the way, it should look like this:

    We’re now on the final steps of this tutorial.

    We’re now on the final step of making our model, after that; We’re done, and can test it in-game!

    Remember that «lua» folder, in «Tutorial_PM», where our «materials», and «models» folder are? Go inside that, and make a subfolder; Call it, «autorun», then make a text document, and name it; «male01_playermodel.lua» (Make sure you get rid of the .txt at the end of it.) Now, Right-Click, and «Open with» Sublime Text or Notepad++, then put in this code:

    Now, you’ve just to find our «models» folder full directory, it’s in the folder where this lua folder is; My directory would be, «models/player/panda/male01/male01_pm.mdl», so I’m going to put it in there.
    For our, «ModelName», it’s going to just be, «Male01»; Here’s an example of mine:

    «Male01» is the name that’ll show up in the «Player Menu», when you hover over it. We’re now done with our Playermodel; We can now put it in our addons folder! (If you’re not sure how to do that; Why’re you here?)

    Congratulations if you’ve made it this far. Making playermodels aren’t easy, but it’s a lot easier making them from Ragdolls. (Which is why I made a tutorial, using this method; So people who actually want to invest into it (Who’re beginners.), and not for little kids who want to become famous making half-baked models.)

    I make them from base models; It’s frusterating, and a tedious process. It takes a lot of time and practice to get efficient with it. I’ll probably end up making another guide for Non-Source models, and even Making Custom ones from Scratch, also a seperate Guide for «c_arms», it’s not difficult, I just don’t want it in this Guide.